1982 World Championships / Ljubljana, Yugoslavia

Bodyweight 89.6 / Snatch 142.5 147.5 147.5 / C & J 182.5 187.5 190

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"I was excited and super-amped! Rusev, Sots, and Pisarenko were there and I was competing against my heroes, Blagoev, Vardanian, and Mantek. My persistent technique problem of swinging the bar in the snatch when I “tried harder” resulted in two misses. I was disappointed, but I felt really confident and powerful. I came back and made all three clean and jerks, totaling 332.5 kgs. and placed 13th."

The Mighty Backs of Champions, 1982 World Championships

Published in Strength & Health, March 1983
Photos by Bruce Klemens

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1. Derrick Crass 
2. Anatoli Pisarenko
3. Yanko Rusev

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1. Mincho Pashov
2. Yuri Sarkesian
3. Sergei Arakelov
4. Asen Zlatev